how to cancel 24 hour fitness membership?

In the recent day, I show many visitors want to know How to Cancel 24 Hour fitness membership. 24-hour fitness average charge $399–499 a year and $36–46 a month FOr you this amount depending on your additional services.

Why Cancel 24-hour fitness membership?

Most Of the gym continued to charge members during COVID-19 closure. 24-hour fitness doing the same. Also, many people want to change the gym or cancel membership due to personal reasons. 

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How to Cancel?

how to cancel 24 hour fitness membership

For cancellation, you can contact the 24-hour team. 

1. CALL 888–243–5002, 800–432–6348 OR 833–636–0003

2. “You a member?”… “No”

3. “Purchase, or other?”… “Purchase”

4. Rep picks up, firmly tell them you want refund &/or cancel.

5. If the rep doesn’t pick up, call from a different phone line

You can also have freeze options, though! Contact our member srvs team 800.432.6348.]

Here second Contact Option for cancellation: Here.

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