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Hey guys, Have you made up your mind to start going gym so well done this is the right decision to give your precious time to care your body. So guys today I am talking about one of the most prominent gym LA Fitness. If you want to get full relevant information about LA Fitness then stay connected with this article I will provide all the reviews with proper details of location and hours.

Choosing the right gym is dependent on many factors. There are lots of peoples around the world choose gyms on the wrong opinion. One of the biggest reasons people get demotivated about gyming is because they are too lazy so we considered choosing a gym near your house. So keeping this point in our mind we prepared this article for our visitors so they can easily choose gyms near them and know about the timing.

Is LA Fitness Worth It?

The biggest question comes in mind before joining the gym that LA Fitness really worth the money. So show the straight forward answer to this question is Yes, LA Fitness worth it and obviously, it is one of the biggest gyms of the United States. Believe me, in my opinion, it’s a great fit for most people who are serious about gyming and getting great facilities at an affordable price.

There are many premium gyms are in the United States and one of them is LA Fitness but in terms of membership, it is really affordable compare to others. They are working on the contract base and you have to pay money depending on the location. However, the price is roughly about $25-30 per month with a year-long contract.

Benefits of LA Fitness Gym

So I know after getting my opinion on this gym lots of people makes their mind to join LA Fitness. But before joining it read about the features and benefits they are providing to their customers.


The most important point to consider before joining any fitness gym are types of equipment the gym is providing to their customers. So the LA Fitness is providing lots of large and packed quality of equipment. They are providing almost every equipment that can be expected from a decent gym. Some of the equipment are given below that you can find in the gym in large quantity. There are Lots of high-end machines with mix equipment of weightlifting. Many users are really satisfied with the premium services of LA Fitness.

  • Tons of cardio equipment you will get in LA Fitness.
  • Smith machines also available
  • Resistance machines are incredible to use
  • Full and half power racks
  • Various types of Free weights and dumbbells
  • Cable machines are available in enough quantity
  • Kettlebells & balance balls are of premium quality that enhances customer better experience towards the gym.

You will get incredible User experience and extreme durability while using any equipment in LA Fitness. They always provide well known and premium brand quality equipment in their gym. By the way, the Power Tower in this gym is a multifunctional machine that concentrates on targeting your upper body.


There are many gyms like LA Fitness Club take extra fees for membership of classes but LA Fitness provides this feature for free to all the customers. They providing amazing values in their classes and you can easily join them. In many locations of the club, there are different schedule but a similar one is given below:

Yoga:- LA Fitness has a dedicate team with lots of knowledge about yoga. You can take advantage of their experience in yoga to boost up your body immunity while doing yoga under the guidance of experts.

Spin/cycle: If you are serious about decrease weight then you must try Spinning because it is a great way to decrease fat at a fast rate. According to reviews of customers, you can easily burn about 1,200 to 4,000 calories per week by taking LA Fitness cycling classes. They regularly provide classes on the schedule ways so don’t forget to ask best ways to decrease fat by professional teams.

So, friends, these are the two major classes that everyone should take for better results.

Pool & Spa

This is a fact that Pool & spas in LA Fitness Clubs are an excellent way to Soothe our overworked Tired Muscles. Our body needs to relax after doing overworked and when it becomes exhausted. This is also helpful to motivate us while doing exercises. In the LA Fitness Club, you don’t need to pay an extra huge amount to get the benefit of this wonderful facility.

Its most advantage is that it reduces our body weight while we are soaking in hot tubs. As we all know that consuming a swim spa to training is a terrific way to get an incredible workout, any way of your age or fitness level it doesn’t matter. Training in water offers a range of benefits. It’s low impact, excellent for cardiovascular health, I already told you that it benefits our body burns fat in a convenient way.

There are many physical professionals tells that Soaking in a hot tub also called hydrotherapy empowers many health and fitness advantages on its own and supports other healthy habits which are enough for better health.

Quality Gym Flooring

LA FITNESS provides attractive and high performing sports facility and has a good floor. LA Fitness club gives users with the right situations for practising their favourite equipment and make them feel satisfied and pleasant in their gym. They ensure to provide gym floor to their user’s date increases stability boost geometric power and reduce body impact as well. The quality materials are widely used in all the flooring to increase the User experience.

Gym – Space, Design, and Layout of LA Fitness

LA Fitness has designed with a lot of thought and care in all the fitness clubs. In terms of lightning then this gym provides sufficient lightning with high intensity and sufficient full climate control. You will get enough space to do many exercises and whatever physical training you want to do. LA Fitness ensures that every customer should be satisfied performing their exercises and must not feel crowded in any circumstances. All the available space in this gym can be easily utilised in a clear structure.


You will get a dedicated and helpful staff that provides guidance in each step you perform in the gym. If you are a beginner and get confused about how to start in the gym then at this time the staff is much beneficial for you. They always provide motivation for you to do a lot of hard work and ensure to make gyming a hobby. The staff is always energetic and try to boost productivity in many ways so you can start your gyming life.

LA Fitness Review by real users

Review By:- Mak

I really love the parking space which is enough during rushing hours. Luckily you can park across the street in the lot. Staff members are always glad to help you out in your task and I want to give 5 out of 5 stars for teaching us about specific requirements. Overall I really love LA Fitness in terms of equipment and club hours. The gym is very large. Extraordinary layout, awesome selection of equipment. The staff here is tremendous, most gyms try to tighten you over, the guys grab supervision of you. It is one of the most beneficial gyms in the USA. It is really worth your money and you will be fully satisfied after enjoying their services.

Review By:- Robert

Very helpful and courteous friendly staff, really enjoyed the fact that they didn’t pressure me into any other offers, showers may need updating or a really good scrub but I like the fact that there are no shower curtains but doors. However, everything else was decent for a gym. Fortunate experience interacting with Justin and Enrique over the phone and at the front desk. Straight shooters. They seemed responsive to my questions and gave me an adequate price offer to sign up. They shared with me a tour of the facility and I’m amazed at how clean this place is!!! Thanks, Enrique and Justin for getting me capable of a healthy lifestyle. Very thankful for all the staff who helped me a lot.

Review By:- Justin

This was a great gym to visit during a work trip. It doesn’t get very busy during the evenings and the staff keep it very clean. They have a good selection of benches, weights, and machines. The only reason I didn’t give it a five is that it gets exceptionally warm and humid. They need a better ventilation system. The parking lot could be loaded here and when you walk in it doesn’t feel overcrowded like other gyms I have been too. The locker room is always clean and satisfied. I am able to work out and then get ready for work here no problem. Steven B was tremendously valuable and patient in discovering a membership option that worked best for my schedule and budget. Signed up on the spot with no reservations. Thanks for the transparency!

Review By:- Amanda

Great Facility and great service. Definitely recommend if your looking for a gym with great amenities for a great price. LA Fitness has a welcoming environment. The variety of equipment, cleanliness and decor in the facility is pleasing. Monte is one of the personal trainers. He motivates me to achieve my personal goals and utilizes the time spent in my sessions to the fullest. His method of communication puts me in a comfort zone which makes it easier for me to perform
Check them out !!!

Review By:- Christina

Love it. I train with Wesley here he is a phenomenal trainer! He completely changed my life he customizes workouts for all of my personal goals. He switches up the training a lot and has even helped me eat healthier I recommend him to everyone I meet now! My mission this year is to concentrate on me more health-wise. I joined LA Fitness, West Orange earlier this year and was matched up with Master Trainer Deric. He motivates you to accomplish exercises you thought you couldn’t do. He training skills are the best. He makes you smile and laugh all at the same time while getting your workout in. The facility is kept clean and I enjoy going there.

Review By:- Taylor

I absolutely love this gym and the staff. It’s a safe and clean environment with helpful trainers that support your needs. Being here I feel that my goals and needs are important not only to myself but the staff. Stephen Babbitt did a wonderful job showing me around the facilities! He answered all of my questions clearly and confidently. He is very passionate about the company and is truly selling something he believes in!

Review By:- Mark Collin

I was coming in for my first time in a while to renew my membership, and I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to work out a plan for my certain timeframe that I expected to be at the gym. If you find yourself in a similar situation, ask for Stephen Babbitt (helpful employee) at the front desk. Not only will he be able to find the best option for you personally, but he’ll break down prices for you so that you can feel good about your investment. Very personable and helpful, and will also tell you all that’s included in your membership, unlike some businesses.

LA fitness is one of the best places you can start your adventure on making yourself look better physically. As the place has everything you need to start your journey. That’s why you will have a large group of people at the end of the day crushing weights. The place has a lot to offer for the newcomers and the professionals looking for the next step or machines to improve themselves a lot better than their present self.


All the machines here at working conditions, all of them work in the way they should. The different variety of machines will be suitable for people who want to use them. But one of the most popular machines is cardio machines. Which is common in every gym, here you will get plenty of machines? Even if you think all the machines are taken over, you will have the chance to find the one that you need to get your action started.


When it comes to claiming the machines do get cleaned at the end of each day. The chances are less that you are going to use any sort of sweat on the machines or equipment. As they cleaned with disinfectant for proper germ control. If you want to take up classes to learn better nutritious facts or better exercises to improve yourself, you can do that here. All the staff members are pretty welcoming from the time you enter the facility to the time you leave the facility, they will always be there helping you every step of the way.


The trainers here are qualified, the vast array of knowledge on almost all the things regarding your health and the types of equipment that you need to get on to start your work out each day. If you follow their instructions you will get in shape in no time. The whole gym is huge, don’t worry you will get enough legroom to stretch out before jumping into the machines. 

If you like to take a break from your work out then you can spend your time in the sauna, racket courts, basket court, spinning room, swimming pool, and many more. Which makes the whole experience, even more, better than an average gym.

The sauna room has different selections to it. If you are a man then you have to go to the men’s sauna, then females can have their own space as well. Which is pretty neat. The personal training is affordable, and they are qualified to give you all sorts of information that will be very helpful in getting you on the track. Also Check Vasa Fitness


So if you want to spend your time in a place every single day of the year, then that place better be worth it.  LA fitness has all the things that you will need to see a better version of yourself, faster. Since you will have access to all the equipment in the place from the get-go. I would rate LA Fitness 4.8/5. Check website

Final Words:

I hope you like this guide and get all the relevant information related to LA Fitness Gym. In my recommendation this is one of the best gym available in USA. So if you want to join the gym then check it out. If you have any query or suggestion related to the services and other product then, please ask using contact form or by direct email us on the official email address.

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