Mountainside Fitness Reviews

If you want to start your journey by making yourself look better, then Mountainside fitness is the gym you should go for. That’s what I did, after narrowing down the list to 3- 4 gym, then I considered getting a membership for mountainside fitness. The experience has been pretty good, better than expected. The other gyms were nice but I had a strong feeling towards mountainside fitness. The service that they provide is one of a kind, top-notch. They even offer a free 7 day pass for the people to learn the ropes and get the familiarity of the environment of the gym.

Mountainside Fitness Friendliness

This was a nice touch for a lot of newcomers, as they get confused or wouldn’t fit right into the gym, that’s why most of them don’t ever sign up to the gyms, as the gym demands more money than giving the user what they want first. 

But Mountainside fitness is ahead, as you can start your free week pass without making any commitments. That means you don’t have to sign up for any contract with the gym. Now let’s get into what you can expect by joining Mountainside fitness.

The civility of the staff is the first thing that comes to my mind, they are all super friendly, and they know what they are doing. All of them qualified to serve in a civilized manner. If you are having trouble figuring out anything, they will be there to help you learn and pick up stuff faster.


When it comes to cleanliness, mountainside fitness delivers that with a perfect touch. You won’t find any pieces of equipment in an unsanitary condition. You personally, I never found any sweat or dust laying on the machine, or noises when I started the treadmill. Almost all the machinery in the gym works the way as they should. 

The maintenance of the machines happens frequently. Here you will get on plenty of cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights. You can join fitness classes to learn more about things to achieve more. The classes happen every single day.

When it comes to the sanitization of the locker room, they are clean, all the towels are at the right place, don’t worry they are clean too. If you are thinking about the gym in your area, you can pick mountainside fitness to be the choice to go for. 


The spin class, DJ cycle is one of the best things to get your adrenaline rush through the vein as you spend your time on a workout. There are group fitness classes if you want the solidarity of other members to get you pumped up. Or if you want to do it alone, then there are heavy dumbbells, cable machines, CrossFit sections to start sweating. Also Read: Chuze Fitness Review


If you are thinking about joining a gym pick mountainside fitness, I would rate this gym 4.7/5. As it does have a lot to offer to the newcomers and the professionals alike. Check Webiste

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